Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Mom & Me Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered our Mom & Me Photo contest! We were soo excited to see all the Mothers in front of the camera for this contest. Here is a collection of some of the photos we received. Happy Mother's Day! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Business Spotlight: Dailey Method Vancouver

Having a baby rearranges your body and can weaken your core in ways you never thought possible.  PostPartum the thought of heading into a gym can be a terrifying thought. Thankfully, there are a lot of smaller studio's in Vancouver that offer many different classes with less pressure and much more understanding personal attention to ease yourself back into physical fitness or introduce you to physical fitness for the first time! Thanks to Jey and Karen opening the second Dailey Method Studio in Kitsilano, there are now more opportunities to enjoy a new approach to physical fitness!

The Studio on West 4th in Kitsilano is beautiful, bright and aesthetically pleasing, with plenty of street parking in front and in the blocks surrounding.  West 4th Avenue has always been a preferred destination for shopping and services on the city's west side;  With many shops in the area including a No Frills, Granville Island and plenty of great restaurants, clothing stores, cafe's and now this  Studio, you cannot go wrong heading down to West 4th for a class!

The studio has a small retail area with plenty of new work out clothing, change rooms for both men and women, plenty of space to leave your belongings in a trusted and safe environment. The studio truly was arranged in such a manner that takes into consideration an environment which lends itself to feeling like your in the comfort of your own home.

You may be asking what is the Dailey Method and why is it so different? The work out is a combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning and stretching.  In attending the studio and speaking with one of the owners Jey Wyder, and several of the instructors, I was assured that these classes are 100% for all ages and fitness levels.

There are different classes to choose from at the Kitsilano location, you can view the class schedules online or for all of us busy people, they have an app that you can download and sign in for your classes on the go!

Dailey interval is a faster paced, 45-minute Dailey Method class that combines periods of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results, this is more of an expert class as they do recommend you have completed 20 Daily Basic or Daily Barre classes before taking the Interval class.

So all things considered, this new addition to West 4th is a promising business with a beautiful studio, courteous, kind and welcoming staff and owners. You cannot go wrong making The Dailey Method Kitsilano a part of your daily exercise, your lifestyle and your family.

For more information on classes, instructors, studio locations please go to

Janette Shearer is  a Mommy Blogger  for Vancity Mommy D, wife and mother to two little girls 6 year old Ava and 5 month old Zoe. All Photos courtesy of Janette Shearer.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Interview: Kristi Gordon on Pregnancy and being in the Spotlight

Urbanbaby and Toddler Magazine had the pleasure to speak with Meteorologist and television personality Kristi Gordon, from Global News BC in Vancouver. As many may know Kristi is expecting her second child this spring, and has been the subject of some scrutiny and negative remarks from unkind viewers, in regards to her growing (and we think ‘beautiful’ baby belly). We have a chance to talk to Kristi about her pregnancy and letters from viewers who were criticizing her choice of clothing worn during pregnancy.

UBT: As someone [interviewer] who has also worked in the media while pregnant, I dealt with a lot of inappropriate comments and touching, among other things. Why do you think that being pregnant makes people think that you are “public property” (subject to other people’s opinions, comments etc.)?
KG: That’s a good question, I’m with you on that one. I’ve had people come up to me and touch my pregnant belly. There are some people who react strangely when it comes to pregnancy and babies. They make different voices when they talk to you, like when they talk to animals (she laughs). I find it awkward when someone touches my belly, yet I know there are people out there who love seeing a pregnant woman.

UBT: Being pregnant on camera appears to be creating a lot of commotion in the media channels, especially with mothers and pregnant women. Clearly they are rooting for you and for a pregnant woman’s right to express herself with the clothing she wears during pregnancy. How do you feel about all the support you have received?
KG: The support has been unbelievable. Just to be clear, when I talked about this email, we didn’t do it on television– it was during our “fun segment” called News Hour Plus that we do on the web. It’s a good way for our viewers to see our personalities.

So when I got the letter (which I have been getting more and more of as my belly has grown bigger), I thought: “I just have to talk about this.” We couldn’t let it go. I’m overwhelmed by the response.  If people go to my bio page on our website, they will find a link to email me – and it’s not that easy to find. And I’ve had over a thousand emails through that channel. We have been inundated with feedback in our general comments section and through tweets and Facebook. My message to the public was that as a confident person who is in the public eye, I found it interesting that here I was, lying in bed, thinking about how this [negative feedback] did actually affect me. It gave me a bit of perspective about when you joke with someone – whether it is about weight or anything – it still affects that other person.  So I’ve turned this [commotion] into a positive about how we treat each other.

UBT: How does your second pregnancy compare with your first? 
KG: They’re similar to a degree.  The main difference is my lifestyle – my ability to exercise and sleep now. The second pregnancy is so much harder. I work long hours. I’m gone until about 7:30 each night and for every hour I am at work, I try to spend that time with my son Jordan. With my second pregnancy, I’m not really able to find the time to exercise like before.

UB: What kind of advice do you have for any women out there who may feel self-conscious about their baby bump?
KG: First of all, everyone’s body is different and you never really know what your body is going to do during pregnancy. You may see pictures of another mom and think: “Oh she’s slim, so I’ll be slim” but you truly never know how your body will change. Everyone is so different.  Enjoy your pregnancy and your growing belly and cherish the time you have getting ready for baby to arrive.

UBT: If you knew the identity of the person who wrote the disturbing letter to you, what would you say to that individual?
KG: I would ask why he or she sent the letter. I have in the past responded via email to people who have sent me letters like that. I let them know that I read their letter and that it affected me. I work full-time with a child at home. I am going through a pregnancy, and do my best every day. I try to look my best and look appropriate, but I have a limited amount of funds. I don’t have someone dressing me or doing my hair. Local television is not glamourous. It’s not like the movies! I try to look as professional and as nice as possible with what I have to work with. The funny part is getting an email back from someone who says: “Oh I didn’t even know that you were going to read my letter/email” or “Oh I’m sorry, we actually really like you – I was just frustrated because of this or that [various reasons] ” I don’t know if that would be the case with this letter, because it seemed so deliberate. To the person who wrote the letter, I would like to say: “This is what I’m dealing with and I’m doing the best that I can”.

UBT: Having dealt with this experience, what would you like to teach your children about being kind to others without judgement? 
KG: I would absolutely have taught them this anyway and to be accepting of others, but I think I’ll do it to another level now. Always reassure them [my children] that even though sometimes a side joke seems harmless, actually it’s not. So be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

There are other pregnant women going through so much, whether it is their first or third pregnancy. And then there are single moms too. Many of them are doing way more than what I’m doing. All I can say is to take it easy on them! They’re doing the best they can. Just be kind! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quick Tips on Easy Dental Visits for Kids

With April being Dental Health Month kids can be fussy about a lot of things...particularly the dreaded visit to the dentist. It’s important to encourage oral care at an early age, but how do you get kids there without a fight? 
: Educate kids on the importance of going to the dentist
Role Play: Familiarity and understanding routine procedures help kids get comfortable with their appointments
Choose the Right Dental Office: A hygienist who knows how to work with children and has a sincere interest in creating a pleasant experience really helps ease anxiety
Plan an Introduction: Have your child meet their hygienist prior to their first visit, to create a positive memory with them
Positive Reinforcement: Using praise or fun words and phrases can help improve the dental experience
Follow these fuss free tips and your little one will be smiling all the way to the dental office: Dental Hygienists are the frontline in patient care and are responsible for many patient procedures, playing an essential role in the oral well-being of both adults and children.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet the Artists

Do you have a passion for art? Are you looking for the next art piece or framed scenic imagery to add to your space? Looking for a date night out to meet some locals with your same interest in the arts? Then we have an event for you to check out this Friday, April 10th from 6 pm to 10 pm at the ROAM Gallery.

Meet The Artist
When: Friday April 10th
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Where: City Square Mall, Upper Level, Unit 126, 555 W. 12th Ave, Vancouver

From April 8th to May 5th seven emerging artists will be showing and selling their art of all mediums. 

Friday, April 10th the gallery along with the seven artists will be hosting a "Meet The Artist" event where you will get to view work, mingle and meet the artists of the month.

Our very own Mommy Ambassador Angel is one of the seven artists who be in attendance on Friday  so you will have a chance to meet her there.

More information check out

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eggs For Easter

If eggs are a part of your family’s Easter celebrations, there are some important handling tips to remember when you’re decorating, cooking or hiding them.
Egg Safety:
  • Shop carefully: Purchase refrigerated eggs at the end of your shopping trip. Check their best before date and inspect them to make sure they aren’t dirty or cracked. Dangerous bacteria can enter a cracked egg.
  • Keep eggs cold: Store eggs in the original carton in the body of the refrigerator instead of in the refrigerator door.
  • Keep clean: Wash hands, utensils, cutting boards and counters carefully with soap and warm water before and after handling raw eggs. This helps avoid potential cross contamination and prevent the spread of foodborne illness.
Easter eggs:
If you hollow out egg shells by blowing out the egg through holes in the shell:
  • Wash eggs in hot water first and rinse them in a solution of 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach to ½ cup water.
  • Refrigerate the uncooked egg contents immediately and use within two to four days. You can freeze the contents for up to 4 months.
If you hard-boil eggs:
  • Cook eggs thoroughly in boiling water.
  • Cool eggs completely by immersing in cold tap water, and make sure they are kept cold before and after they are dyed.
  • Use a non-toxic colouring dye to decorate eggs.
  • Decorated eggs that have been left out for longer than two hours are not safe to eat and should be thrown away after Easter.
If you’re having an Easter egg hunt, carefully consider where you hide your eggs. Avoid areas where the eggs might come into contact with pets, wild animals, birds, insects or chemicals.
Chocolate eggs:
For those who prefer the sweeter taste of chocolate, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Although chocolate is not usually associated with foodborne illness, it is best eaten within one year of production. Check for the “best before” date.
  • If you have food allergy concerns, be sure to read the label carefully for the presence of allergens such as peanuts or other nuts.
  • The white or grey film that develops on chocolate isn’t a sign that it has gone bad. When the fats in chocolate separate from the cocoa mass, it results in something called “fat bloom,” which may alter the chocolate’s taste or texture slightly, but is perfectly safe to eat.
  • Remember, don’t overdo it! Most chocolate is high in sugar and fat and is best consumed in moderation.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Baking with the Kids: Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes

Cadbury Creme Eggs, always were a favourite of mine as a child, so once I had my own kidlets, obviously at Easter time, these were the go to item for me, and even better when I found them in mini size. I'm a big fan of cupcakes, so this recipe seemed to be the perfect fit! Sweet tooth warning: These are super yummy and sweet - the kids love them and these are super easy to make with

For this demonstration, I used a boxed cupcake mix, just to show you how quick and easy these can be made. If you have more time you can use your own favourite cupcake recipe from scratch.  I selected the Super Moist Golden flavour but I've made them with chocolate flavour as well and found them quite decadent.

Step 1: Wash your hands and prepare a clean work space.

Step 2:  Gather all your ingredients, for this you will need the following:

1. Ingredients as per box, mine called for 3 Eggs, 1 cup of milk or water, 1/2 cup  of vegetable oil;
2. Frozen Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs, I usually let them freeze them over night. by freezing them, they don't fully explode inside the cupcake batter once they are placed into the oven. Each small bag contains roughly 16 mini eggs
3. Cupcake liner and cupcake pan
4. Vanilla Icing and yellow food colouring
Step 3:
 Preheat oven to 350 F

Step 4: Mix together all your cupcake ingredients and then pour the batter into the cupcake paper liners. I would recommend starting with 1/3 of the way or if you like bigger cupcakes like me, I usually go 1/2 of the way full. Then place one frozen mini egg in the centre and cover the egg with additional batter, so that the mini creme egg is not exposed.

Step 5: Place in oven for 15 minutes and allow to bake. Once the cupcakes are finished, allow them to completely cool down.

Step 6: For this, I used store bought but it can be substituted for your own favourite DIY icing, as long as it's vanilla. I leave half in the container as our "egg white" and then add yellow food colouring to the desired shade of yellow for the "yolk". Place both containers of icing into the fridge to allow to cool.

Step 7: Ice the tops of the cupcakes with white icing first as this will resemble your "egg white" and I like to put them back into the fridge at this point to cool again to ensure the icing is stuff and then use the yellow icing to put a drop in the centre and smooth out into a circle to resemble your egg yolk. You can leave them like this or go one further and place a second mimi creme egg on top for decoration if you'd like.

Happy Easter! 

April Fool's Day Pranks For the Kids

It's April 1st tomorrow, and have you prepared anything for the occasion? Share with your kids the joy of April 1st with some of these fun pranks.

Wormy Apple
Put an gummy worm in an apple in your child's lunch or in one of the apples out on the table and you're sure to get a giggly reaction.

Leaky Bottle
Poke tiny holes in a plastic water bottle, leave it where one of your little ones will grab it and see what happens when the water starts to squirt out!

Who Broke the Remote?
Put a small piece over the remote sensor and watch your kids try to change the channel.

Pillow Prank
Replace your child's pillow with balloons and watch them giggle at nap time!

Growth Spurt!
Put a bit of toilet paper or paper towel in the toe of your child's shoes. When he or she tries to put them on, you can say: "You're feet must have grown over night!"

Drink Up!
Make jell-o in a glass with a straw and tell your kids their juice is on the table. Imagine their confusion when nothing comes out of the glass.

Trick or Treat!
Take a candy box, remove the candies, replace them with carrots, tell your kids they can have a special treat... April Fool's! (Just be sure to have a bit of candy on the side to avoid tears of disappointment.)

Stick googly eyes on everything in the fridge. So much fun! Then have them help you remove the eyes by playing who can collect the most eyes wins. 

Topsy Turvy
When your child goes to sleep on March 31, turn as many things as possible int he house upside down. Their reaction to a topsy turvy house on April 1 will be great!

For more ideas check out